Contact Adhesive


Contact Adhesive is a general purpose adhesive which offers superior bond strength without requiring clamping or sustained pressure. Glue Devil Contact Adhesive is water and heat resistant (up to 80°C) and is easily brushable.

TIPS on using GlueDevil Contact Adhesive:

  • Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust, oil and grease.
  • Apply adhesive to both surfaces and allow to dry until touch-dry (10-20min).
  • Align surfaces, join together and apply firm pressure for a few seconds to create a permanent bond.
  • Full strength is obtained after 24 hours.
  • Coverage = 2 to 3mper litre, depending on the substrate.

Applications & Uses

Perfect for bonding rubber, leather, carpet tiles, resin laminates, wood, hardboard, metal, canvas, linoleum, felt, cork, ceramics etc.


  • Not suitable for some plastics e.g. polythene, polypropylene and polystyrene.
  • Not suitable for repairing items that hold hot liquids.

Pack Sizes

  • 50ml Tube boxed or blister-packed
  • 250ml; 500ml; 1lt; 2lt or 5lt Tin
  • 25lt Drum