Hand Cleaner Grit


Hand Cleaner Grit is a lanolin based hand cleaner with coarse grit particles which are effective in cleaning the toughest grime and grease from hands that ordinary soaps cannot remove. Our paraffin-free formula will not cause drying or irritation to normal skin. The lanolin offers good hand protection and moisturises.

Application & Uses

Place a small amount of the product onto your hands, rub well into hands, then wipe off, or rinse with water. For very dirty hands use more of the product.

Grit-free, gel-type formula also available (white in colour)
500g, 5kg and 25kg available.


  • Pink in colour.
  • Fragranced.
  • Might cause skin irritation with sensitive individuals.

Pack Sizes

  • 500g tubs
  • 5kg or 25kg buckets