GlueDevil Hand Sanitizer

GlueDevil Hand Sanitizer is a 70% alcohol based disinfectant that kills illness causing germs. It has been specially formulated in compliance with the World Health Organisation's (WHO) formulation guidelines in both liquid and gel form.

GlueDevil Hand Sanitizer will rapidly and effectively sanitize your hands without the use of water. We have not only ensured that our product meets the current WHO standards but also ensured that this is affordable to our market, therefore making high quality sanitizer available to every South African in these uncertain times. GlueDevil hand sanitizer is strong enough to protect you against the strongest of germs, but gentle enough for your families everyday use. 


Application and Uses

  • Available in liquid and gel form
  • 70% alcohol base disinfectant
  • Kills illness causing germs
  • Will rapidly and effectively sanitize your hands
  • No water is required.


Pack Sizes

  • Liquid form: 100ml (with spray nozzle), 750ml (flip top lid), 1lt (trigger spray and Jerry can), 5lt and 25lt
  • Gel form: 100ml (flip top lid), 750ml (flip top lid), 1lt (trigger spray and Jerry can), 5lt and 25lt.