PU Filfoam Cleaner


PU Filfoam Cleaner is a heavy duty, fast acting, multi-purpose solvent-based aerosol spray cleaner, that has been developed for dissolving and removing of uncured PU foam from industrial applicator guns, aerosol can outlet valves and applicator tubes. It easily cleans wet polyurethane foam from hands, tools, or applicator gun baskets.

Applications & Uses

  • Insert attached applicator into valve opening and press to dispense a small amount onto a cloth for cleaning and wipe off uncured foam. Repeat if necessary.
  • To clean applicator gun, you can attach the can to your gun basket and then spray (as you would spray any gun foam) to give a thorough clean.


  • Contains solvents.
  • Harmful by inhalation
  • Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention
  • It is advisable to wear gloves.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash off immediately
  • In the case of poor ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Poor ventilation may also result in the formation of explosive mixtures. In case of accident or you are not feeling well, seek medical advice (show the label if possible).
  • Pressurized container. Keep away from direct sunlight and do not expose to the temperatures exceeding +50C. Do not pierce or incinerate can, even after use.
  • Do not spray on a naked flame and keep away from sources of ignition – no smoking.

As this product is used outside of our control, we cannot accept liability for damages or misuse. For more information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Pack Sizes

500ml can