Acrylic Sealant


Acrylic Sealant is a permanently flexible, single component sealant which is fast-drying and most importantly paintable. Excellent for sealing indoor and outdoor joints and connections on surfaces such as plaster, concrete, masonry, gypsum, aluminium, zinc, PVC and wood.

Applications & Uses

  • Sealing cracks in plaster.
  • Sealing joints between concrete and brickwork
  • Sealing joints between metal and wooden frames, skirting boards, windowsills, ceilings, etc.


Sealant will be ready to be painted over after 1 hour curing time at 23⁰C. Not suitable for usage in damp areas or continuous submersion in water. External applications exposed to the elements need to be painted over. CLEANING TIP: once cured, MEK can be used to remove excess sealant.

Pack Sizes

260ml and 280ml cartridges