Gasket Maker Sensor Grey


Grey Silicone Gasket Maker is a fantastic RTV silicone rubber sealant, which can be used to replace felt, rubber, cork, paper and asbestos gaskets. Makes instant gaskets on valve covers, water pumps, oil pans, rear-end covers, thermostats, outlets, timing gear covers and whatever else needs a durable, watertight, leak-proof seal. It's acetoxy-curing, permanently flexible and can withstand low and high temperatures ranging from -60°C to +300°C.

This GlueDevil RTV GREY Silicone aims to provide you with a silicone that:

  • Will not shrink or crack upon curing, thus making it an excellent gasket maker.
  • Will resist heat up to 250°c with continuous exposure.
  • Will resist heat up to 300°c with short term exposure.
  • Will remain flexible at temperatures as low as -60°c.
  • Will be suitable for use indoors or outdoors.
  • Will have excellent adhesion.
  • Will not sag over time.
  • Will resist abrasions.
  • Will have good resistance to oil, transmission fluid, water and anti-freeze mixtures.
  • Will not be affected by soap, household detergents, alkalis, alcohols or dilute acids.

Applications & Uses

Ideal for applications where gaskets are exposed to high temperatures, such as automotive, plant pipes, housing gaskets, form-in-place gaskets, chimney construction, heaters and installation of ovens.


Not suitable for cylinder head gaskets or for parts permanently exposed to fuel. This product should not be used to replace composite head gaskets, specifically where tolerances are predetermined and are critical to engine performance. Not suitable for some metals such as galvanised iron, lead, mild steel, brass, copper, zinc or tin as it may cause corrosion.

Pack Sizes

90ml Tube blister-packed