Neutral Cure Silicone


Glue Devil Neutral Cure Silicone is a 100% alcoxy based silicone with an advanced formulation that has strong adhesion to most surfaces such as PVC, glazed tiles, ceramics, coated surfaces, wood and most plastics. This silicone is highly flexible and is great for joint applications that require expansion. It has a low odour, making it ideal for use in confined areas. The formulation is non-corrosive to metals and glass and is suitable for alkaline surfaces such as concrete, cement, brick and plaster, making it suitable for interior and exterior applications. It can withstand temperature extremes from -40⁰C to 120⁰C.

Applications & Uses

  • For porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Safe for use on mirrors – will not de-silver the mirror-backing.
  • Adheres to glass, painted or varnished surfaces, metals and most plastics.
  • Suitable for use on lead, copper, zinc, galvanised iron or tin.
  • Ideal for sanitary, plumbing, roofing, cladding, ducting and most DIY applications.


  • Colour Range – Black, Clear, White.
  • Not suitable for certain plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon.
  • It is advisable to wear gloves whilst applying this silicone as it can irritate the skin and eyes.
  • Cannot paint over this silicone.

Pack Sizes

280ml Cartridge