Butyl 8x8 Tape


Butyl 8x8 Tape is a black rubber tape that is malleable and very tacky. Its primary function is to seal and it also has a mild to heavy bonding function, depending on the surface it adheres to. GlueDevil Butyl tape is chemically inert; therefore it will resist oxidation, and will remain permanently elastic and flexible. Our Butyl Tape has outstanding age resistance and is resistance to hardening and cracking.

GlueDevil Butyl Tape offers:

  • An instant water-tight bond for optimum sealing.
  • Excellent waterproofing and insulating properties.
  • It also offers conformability to irregular surfaces and secures protection when used as a sealant against moisture and dust.
  • Exceptional anti-vibration properties as well.

Application & Uses

Used in the Automotive, roofing, cabling, industrial, construction and air-conditioning industries.


Butyl tape is non-hazardous and may be used on most pipes and flanges. It is non-toxic and may be used in the food industry.

Pack Sizes

8mm x 8mm x 4.5m rolls - pre-packed in individual white boxes.